ups and downs life

it is better not to know anything that
just happened, what happens
what is gonna be happen
the bad thing is, it would hurt us

it is better to be silent
not too care what is happening
ignore everything around us and
just lives in your own world

pretending i'm okay but inside
i'm bleeding, it is HURT
people seems like hate us but they are not
judging others by their looks, their appearance,
their expression, their act
we never know the real them

i smile doesn't means i'm happy
no one knows that till
one day they mess up everything
ruin the mood
makes my day spoil
unexpected action occurs

undergo life as best as possible
our choices, reaction today
affect the future
do not care about people
that do not benefit us
that only mess up everything
thanks to Allah for sending me you
understanding FRIEND, is all i need

Thanks for reading my entry and i really appreciate it

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