not that very sure feeling

i'm sorry for what i might says later
but this is what i feel right now
and this is true ..

i try not to fall for you
but day after day
i keep thinking of you
every second of the time.

i try to avoid from keep in touch with you
but i just can't stand myself from looking at my phone
waiting for your text and
i feel so excited when i see "1 New Message"
appear on my phone screen.

i try to stop this feeling
not to missing someone like you
but i just can't
because i can't get you out from my mind.

i try not to say this 3 meaningful words
but i just did and
i feel so bad now
it makes you think that i'm serious with you
my bad coz i'm not sure what's my feeling exactly towards you
i'm not sure but i do loves you.

i try to tell you the truth
yes , i did
we're not meant to be together
but it seems you can't accept it
i give you chance to find other girl
better than me, and leave me alone if you already found her
so that i can stop waiting for something that we're not sure

i think we should stop this feeling
it seems so easy but actually it is HARD
to say Goodbye and deep inside of my heart
wanna says "i wish you could be mine forever".

anything happen for a reason .
what ever it is . we only can plan anything we want but
God will only give the best for us.

Thanks for reading my entry and i really appreciate it

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