entam punya quotes :D

It is been more than a month
I’m all alone with empty heart
All i thought is no one loves me anymore
Single life is not what i wanted
But being single is not that bad
I can flirt with anyone
No one care, no one have right
To stop me from doing that
Makes a lot of friends for sure
It is time to find happiness for myself

I love you
But i should let you go
Waiting for you is all regret
All you need is being single
Fine, that means we are not meant to be
Your love towards me is getting fade
From that day, i try not to
Fall in love with anyone else
Oh, lets bygone be bygone
I have to move on

Hey ! Look ~
There is someone
Someone who told me that
He fall in love with me now
Why me? Well, i’m not ready yet
I asked you to wait
Till one day i can lets you
To fill the empty heart back
Only if you deserve it

Honestly, i feel the same
But still i’m not sure
Whether i should accept you
Or not
Take your time, not so fast my dear
We should know each other well and
I wish one day i could says “ALL I NEED IS YOU”


Thanks for reading my entry and i really appreciate it

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