hello guys :)

lets begin with a smile, sit properly, take a deep breath and lets check this out. this is what i feel right now. it's up to u whether u wanna continue read it or else just click on that red cross button over there. yeayea !

you know,
if i could stop the time, i would stare at you
till i can't stare you anymore,
but i'll stare again at you there from heaven.

if i could get what i wanted,
i would say, all i need is you,
then you will be mine forever.

if i could choose the time,
i only want to choose our happy moments,
see you smile, have a good time with you
by my side.

if i could kill anyone,
i would kill ones who tryin' to
destroy my happiness.

if i could rewind the time,
i would never let you go, and
asked you to stay with me,
asked you to fight for this love,
if you do loves me.

if i could do all the things i mentioned above,
hey, i will but
i knew i couldn't do that,
i'm just human being, not a God,
i know what's my weaknesses are.

i wish i could stay strong. give me strenght to move on.
coz till now i can't stop thinking of you.
it is hurt when seeing you walk away, ignoring me, like i'm not exist anymore.
you know how bad is that feeling? honestly, i almost cry but
i try not to.
i'll pray the best for you and i hope you'll be okay there.
please, take a good care of yourself. ily :')

with lots of love,
me :')
Thanks for reading my entry and i really appreciate it

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