Knowing your family soooooo well, You can tell who's coming down the stairs by the sound of their footsteps

When I text someone and they dont text me back, I automatically assume that they fainted of excitement

I study → I take the test → I pass it → I forget what I learned

That awkward moment when you finish watching a TV series and you don’t know what to do with your life any more

"So do you like sleeping?" "Yeah..?" "Really? me too! we should do it together sometime."

I feel stupid when I say "what?" a thousand times because I can't hear

I hate when I'm staring at nothing in particular, and then realize I'm looking right at somebody

The most beautiful line is "But, I love you." The most painful line is "I love you, but..." See the difference?

Google: "I have everything!" Facebook: "I know everybody!" Internet:"Without me, y'all are nothing." Electricity: "Keep talking."

That ONE time you feel hyper and want to do something but everyone else is tired

The awkward moment you realize they were nice to you because they wanted something

You fight like a married couple, you talk like best friends, and you flirt like first loves, so obviously it's meant to be

I'd rather lose an argument to you than lose you to an argument. <3

Thanks for reading my entry and i really appreciate it


  1. perasan kejap aku baca ayat last sekali dari kau. wakakaka.