complicated :/

technically, i'm single but my heart is taken by someone that i can't call as my own. hey you ! did you still remember how we've met. girl always remember every little things about what, when, how and what so ever about the one they care about. but guys ? they just don't wanna remember what had past and they just like to have a great life today and look thru their future with their loved one. don't matter what is it but the most important thing is we still got that feeling of love.

we ever be a couple just a couple of days. anything happen for a reasons. honestly, i hate you when you've decided to let me go and would never come back to me anymore. but deeply inside of my heart, i really don't wanna leave you. but at the end i realised that .. what you've did was really means to me. how really means i am to you. you rather fight for me than fight for us. you won't anyone hurt me. aww. okay fine.

one day, you came back and said that you really miss me but i ignore it. honestly, i felt the same but this is all because of my ego. idk how but we'd still keep in touch. the day, i still remember till now that .. you will come back to me and promise me, you will propose me someday. but everything should be clear first. well, only you and me know this.

"i wish that one day, you will be mine and i'm yours. i love you sayang"
 "i will propose you as my lover. don't worry sayang. i belongs to you"
i don't wanna hope too much ! but i will waiting for ya :') let us be complicated at this moment. it doesn't matter at all to me. cuz i've learnt something when we're in this complicated relationship. faithful ! ya, i will be waiting for him till one day Allah shows me something. whether he'll be mine or vice versa. hey, he is so beautiful. i means he's really good enough for me. the one that i really looking for. hehe.

wedding dress ! the song that always reminds me of us. every time i listen to it, my mind would flashback to our memories. sweet memories. wish i could stop the time when he was besides me hahaha. till now, i never get bored everytime i listen to that song. till i can memorised the lyrics a bit. hey, korean song bah that one. cool right? nahh.

i was praying that you and me will end up together. amin. sayang awak ketatketat. rindu awak setiap saat. jangan lupakan saya tau. setiap kali awak rindukan saya, awak pandang jer nama saya kat dinding kelas awak tu. that cop tangan and nama officially saya yang buat. aiseh. bagus sangat la awak dapat kelas saya dulu. kita mungkin banyak persamaan tapi masih ada jurang perbezaan yang sangat ketara. well, cinta itu buta tapi jangan sampai cinta buat kita jadi buta dan putih mata. huh? nevermind lah.

"don't naughty naughty haa?"
"사랑해요 - saranghaeyo"

your lao po #teet
<3 CJ <3 my lao gong, the one that had stole my less than three. how sweet you are sayang :)

Thanks for reading my entry and i really appreciate it


  1. aku sokong nok fist ya . laki x kn pnah ingt stp pa yg ita ingt . perey na . haha . neway . amin yarabal alamin . cayak jak an jodoh . mun ada , he will be yours . :)

  2. yala kan. GB memory mpuan besar gk kali. amin thanks darl. anything is possible hahaha.