life goes on
time doesn't wait for anybody
lets go thru this life as usual
make a wish
as you wanted a good life

i miss you so badly , sygg
from time to time
i've been missing you a lot
like a lot a lot lot lot
i'm speechless now

thank to Allah
for sending you my love
i'd pray to Him
wish for His blessing and mercy
hoping that He will bless our relationship
no matter what
i wish you'll be mine
and i'll be yours :')

dear , please take care of yourself there
don't be too naughty aa
even i'm not by your side
but Allah is watching you ^_____^
don't do any unexpected thing
or else you'll be regret
for the rest of your life

even thru the hard times
we made it thru just fine
i'm always here for you
cuz you're my everything and
you're the only one i want
to spend my whole life with

you're the only one that i ever thinking of
the only one i ever need
my life is you and me
yes, it is you
my dear

nan neol saranghae <3

Thanks for reading my entry and i really appreciate it

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